Hello, I’m Chad Moore. I’m a father, husband, knowledge worker, and visual thinker.

I have always been curious about mindfulness, which is the ability to be present while acknowledging your thoughts, feelings, and the sensations in your body. I care about mindfulness because it helps me focus on the now and understand myself better. Mindfulness isn’t a new concept, and I think the age old practices have great rewards to us living in our modern age.

Every month, I publish illustrated instructions for short exercises on practicing mindfulness on this site. These easy-to-do exercises explore topics related to mindfulness, such as relieving stress & anxiety, focusing your attention, understanding how you body reacts to input, and mini-meditations. You can do them right where you are. All you need is yourself.

These exercises are for busy knowledge workers who want to better manage their focus, and reduce stress.

I’m also fascinated about asking really good questions. I ask questions to myself in my daily and weekly journaling practices. I also ask these kind of questions to others. I work as a coach and asking questions is a part of my job. Luckily I also love working with people so that they understand for themselves where they are, where they want to be and what it is that’s preventing them from change.

I’ll share my thoughts on questions, coaching, and change here as well as posts and drawings.

You can find my day to day thoughts, ideas and interests on my personal blog. All of those posts go directly to twitter @wherelightgthrs. I don’t visit twitter often and email is the best way to contact me.

About this site

This site is build and hosted on Blot. I write in iaWriter on an iPad. I use Procreate for my drawing work, as well as a good black ink pen and cheap paper. I use a hand written bullet journal and morning pages for everything else.

The design of this site is heavily inspired by Manuel Moreale.

Hello, I am Chad Moore, and this is my blog - Where Light Gathers. Email me to start a conversation.