Hello, friend.

I’m a father of two awesome teenagers, husband to one wonderful woman. I grew up on Long Island in the state of New York. I’ve lived in three of the four corners of the US. I worked for twenty years in video game development, then some time in Design. Now I’m in IT. I like to write, read and draw.

I dont use social media, but do run a personal blog with my status updates and personal notes. You can find it here.

About this site

This site is build and hosted on Blot. I write in iaWriter and edit the content and site itself in Sublime Text on my 2013 MacOS computer and occassionally on a newer iPad.

You don’t need fancy and expensive tools to do this sort of thing. The cheapest chromebook, the cheapest version of Dropbox, and 30$ year for Blot and a domain name (optionaly). You don’t need the latest and greatest. Use what you have or can easily acquire. If you want to start something online, see my posts on Your Stories or send me an Email.

The design of this site is heavily inspired by Manuel Moreale.

Hello, I am Chad Moore, and this is my blog - Where Light Gathers. Email me to start a conversation.